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  •   The team is responsible for issues related with socio economic conditions of women in the country and calls for special studies or investigations into specific problems or situations arising out of discrimination against women and undertakes promotional and educational research so as to suggest ways of ensuring due representation to women in all spheres.
  •   Social mobilization, maintenance and divorcee women, Panchayati Raj in action, women labour-under contract, gender bias in judicial decisions, family courts, gender-component in the various violence against women, women's access to health and education in slums etc. to help in formulation of SPWF's rules for recommendations.
  •   The Team evaluates the progress of the development of women. This Team also conducts women and child rights seminars for understanding the various problem areas in the field and to suggest action plan/ remedial measures to resolve these problems.
  •   Here's what you will find in this section.
  •   The List of Research Studies / Seminar / Workshops / Conferences sponsored.
  •   List of the meetings organised in all districts of Odisha.
  •   List of cases pending for closure for more than one year under Research Studies, Seminar etc
  •   Legal Awareness Programmes
  •   Seminars, Workshops and Conferences
  •   Public Hearings
  •   Special Studies
  •   Expert Committees
  •   Important Issues taken up by SPWF.
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